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By Amanda Injic, VP Customer Relations, Great Floors Canada
November 12, 2015 8:30 am


This may be a very daunting task to many. Only because the options are endless and it’s the final piece that completes that beautifully remolded or brand new kitchen of your dreams. No one wants to mess it up as it literally can make or break the kitchen. You can treat it like a piece of art and find something that really becomes the centre of attention or one that effortlessly completes your kitchen in a subtle and subdued manor. Either way this is something that most people struggle with. I think the biggest thing is that what you choose is timeless. Replacing a backsplash isn’t always fun or easy so a lot of time and care does need to be taken into selecting it. You might pick a bold choice with a ton of movement, which looks amazing with your counters and cabinetry, but will you LOVE it in like 2 years? You have to think of the longevity of it.

Subway Tile
– This size and shape of tile is really making a comeback and I truly think it’s a very timeless and classic look. Gone are the days of just a simple white 3 x 6. You now can get it in different sizes, textures, and a huge assortment of colours. I personally still love the classic white as shown below. This is the Liverpool series from Ceragres, which is a glossy 3 x 10 with a slight pillowed edge that just adds a beautiful finish to the tile. Check out all the colours here.

Pattern Mosaic
– Another Great Option would be a simple pattern mosaic in either a contrasting colour as seen below which is still fairly subtle but adds a little more interest especially if your countertops are solid with not a lot of movement. This series called Link Mix comes in solid colours as well if you want the dimension without the contrast. Again up to you as to how much attention you wish to draw.

Link Series Ceragres
Carrara Marble – One of the most classic and timeless natural stones with the beautiful blend of white with grey veining it truly works in many different kitchen settings. White kitchens are a big trend right now and when you add a carrara backsplash to it, it creates a tranquil and yet elegant look that can stand the test of time. The fun part is that you can get it in so many shapes and sizes. Hexagon, Cheveron, Herringbone….you name it, you can find it in this stone. One of my favorites has to be the Arabesque, such a beautiful simple design that will definitely draw a lot of attention, and the right kind of attention.

Arabesque Carrara Mosaic

A great blog on this same subject goes onto say…..
“When it comes to selecting kitchen backsplash materials, the abundance of options is daunting. As with the perfect outfit, a backsplash depends on the other pieces in the ensemble—notably the countertops.”


Whether you choose bold or subtle, take your time and select wisely as it’s truly the icing on the cake.


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