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Stone or ceramic tile floors have been used for centuries in homes, courtrooms, palaces, and other grand spaces. Ceramic or stone can look traditional and antique, or be styled to come off as modern and chic. Tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns and finishes to fit any décor vision.Take a look at the featured tile products available at the Great Floors Strathroy 28420 Centre Rd, Strathroy

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Ceratec Renior Series ceramic tile room scene

tile & stone


What should I know about grout?

You should not look at grout as merely a plain backdrop to your tiles; it can function as an effective and appealing element in the design as well. Variations in grout colour and the width of the grout line allow you to further personalize your flooring or backsplash.

How can tile add to the style of my home?

Natural variations in tile colour can give a home a rustic, natural appearance. The use of tiles with minimal variation creates a sleek, modern, uniform look. There are innumerable combinations of colours, textures, and patterns that allow you to create a unique style with tile.

Are there environmentally friendly tiles?

Yes! There are many options within stone and ceramic tile that may decrease your impact on theenvironment. Some ceramic tiles can be created with up to 40% recycled materials. These materials are a result of post-consumer waste and excess construction materials. Scrap tile and glass can be ground to be re-incorporated into new tiles.

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